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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Therapy "NO CHAINS!"

I am an Art Therapy Consultant. I have classes that will share my therapeutic experience using easy to follow

mediums using hypotherapy. As a COACH we can take a journey into fanasy and freely flow rolling the dice

of life using ART to define our inner child that is secretly planted in the deep forest of our brain.

I don't know everything and don't claim to and before you venture into "ART THERAPY" you need to be serious about this statement. I do not claim to "CURE" any mental illness you may have. This is as it says above: I am a COACH and use
ART THERAPY that gives some people a warm exciting place to experience their possiabilities. Ask a health care professional if this is an art form you should adventure into.

I have ventured into "ART THERAPY all my life and have put my feet in the "ARTS" in all forms and have had no damage to disclose to you. With that said watch for my offerings in good faith.

If you expect to be cured using ART then you are in the WRONG area. I do NOT clain I can "resolve issues' you are experiencing. I COACH and you create the ART and you are then able to "VIEW" your finished creations and take the results and think about what this art means to you personally. I will not judge your are or advise you at any time! G.B.

ART THERAPY COACH, Jean Blenkhorn aka, Art Doll

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