2 circles one quarter sized and the other approx. 5 inches.

5 squares of toilet paper.

2 star shapes. ( for petals)

A "Crystal Flower" for the middle of the flower

glue stick and scissors, pencil.

Cut your 2 circles out and apply glue to the space of the small circle. Not take

one square of tissue paper and pleate with your finger's and apply to the circle.

Do this 5 times.

Now glue the total surface of the larger circle and put the tissue paper ontop of the

circle. puff the toilet tissue up a little until it is desirable to you.

Now add the TWO stars on the right and left of the circle on the back...These are

your petals; The "V's" will be viewable.

Add your crystal flower in the middle ontop of the small showing circle.

COMPLETED!!! Allow to dry and you will have a hand made embellishment to

add to a scany scrapbook page which costs 10 cents.

You can add color if you wish...( glitter) and tatter and tear. But one rule...have