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Saturday, October 1, 2011


The card is 4x5 x 1/2 inches. I uses 1 image from the 2 image rubber stamp set. by Hazel Fisher's Steampunk Stamps.
to purchase this rubber stamp visit The rubber stamp was inked with stazon and inked on a piece of white cardstock ( georgia pacific) the same image inked on an acrylic painted piece of  cardstock. Sharpies were used (fine tiped) to color the first gold bird on the card and the next was just outline in a darker shade of ink. Each bird stamp placed on a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and cut out. Eack stamp of the bird image was traced to show detail.
A shrine template was drawn and cut out, Using  4x5 1/2 DCWV cut with Kai scissors the same shape as template, glued (creative glue stick)  . Card designed by tracing the paper to fit and prepared.(pencil)
Wire edged ribbon (golden splender) was shaped into a birdcage. A paper ruller (image) placed inside cage.
Wings gold color placed on top of cage. Harness Colored leather cut into a square,positioned for background of the cage. Macrame (black) cord was beaded and placed around the claw of the bird and tied securely.  chain from found objects were placed using wire. I used the following charms:
 key charm, flower, and secured a broken  clip earring placing cardstock as backing to give strength.
Swipped yellow ink from inkpad ( brilliance).Wire utilized and twirled on a pencil and wrapped around a piece of earth colored twine from (recycled materials).

Hot glue secured each decoration including the HAZEL FISHER'S STAMPS.
Note all metal was used from my found objects supplies.

This is how I visualize the  "STEAMPUNK" Style of Designing. The Hazel Fisher's Rubber Stamps were a delight to work with. The raised detailed stamps were easy to INK using embossing ink  (testing) and pigment  as well as Stazon Ink made a workable image to create in many different ways. The embossing gun
after cooled showed a PERFECT image to use any medium to color.

Jean Blenkhorn , Queen Kat Royal Court Design Team.                                         10-1-2011

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  1. So many yummy things for my eyes to look at. Great project!